History of Rapture

The history section is almost all secrect for the simple reason that it is not important to know the first three age of Rapture for players. It is only interesting if your caracter is an archeologist, a scholar or if you’re the GM. Otherwise, it will probably better if you don’t read it (essentially, it could help you understand the plot of a quest before the moment you should).

The history of Rapture is devided in 4 ages :

  1. Age of Gods
  2. Age of Magic
  3. Dark age
  4. Renaissance

Only the Renaissance part should be read by players.

Age of Gods

Secret Knowledge

At the beggining, there was nothing. Void. And it was good.

Because void can not exist if there’s no one to look at it, the Titans emerged. They were gigantic creature with no conception of good or evil. There was only peace in their hearts because they knew nothing else. Void and Titans. Titans and void. And it was good.

This, too, was not to stay. Living beings, even as simple as the Titans were, need needs. Living in the void, doing nothing but observing it… it could not stay like this indefinetly. The Titans, knowing what was the void, could understand that there could be the opposite. So they created a world. It would be call Rapture, because it was exhalting, for the Titans, to finally have needs. They needed achievement of goals they created themselves. A world, with plains, moutains, oceans, swamps, snow, wind and rain was produced from the void using the simple power of their thoughts. And, for a moment, it was good.

The Titans were happy only for a time. Now that they had this world, they wanted so much of it. Weather was the only non static thing present… and that sadden them. So, they searched for a way to create life. It took time but it was irrevelent for them and they finally found it. With that knowledge, they created woodland criters, fishes, moutains creatures, insects and a lot of others form of lives. They wanted that every living things had its place in nature. They succeded after a long period of trials-and-errors. And after that, they were happy, so it was good.

Titans observed their creation for a long time. It seems everything was perfect. Every living creatures had its place but animals, plants, insects and even landscapes had a random pattern in them that please the Titans. After a while, the lands changed, waters rised and creatures lived, died and evolved. The Titans were impressed by all these changes in their creations. They understood from all this was that change created by something else than themselves was beautiful – chaos could be created from order and order could be perceived in chaos. They felt happiness from this understanding, so it was good.

This knowledge, though, made them want more of this world. More than cycles of order/chaos they could think of, with their simple minds. They wanted something to be totally out of their control, different from them on all point of views. Something, an intelligent creature, that could change this world, put beautiful and arbitrary actions of order and chaos. A new race was born from this thought, the first reel sentient race : Gnomes. They were physically and spiritually the exact opposite of the Titans. Where the Titans were gigantic, the gnomes were small. Where the Titans were at peace with the world, the gnomes saw it like a sandbox, a playground. This, in the opinions of the Titans, was good, because the weird idea of “fun”, presented by the gnomes, was totaly new and… incomprehensible. So, everything was good.

[Gnomes create life, draw magical energy from the fabric of the world… still good]

[Titans stop being interest, want to see other world, other possibility that they didnt create or even think of… still good for what they knew]

[end of the age of gods]

Age of Magic

[create cities, races to live in each environnement]

[ethic is not really import, they dont have good or evil standard]

[Gnomes are influenced by… something ?... weird ideas of experimentation appears]

[Magic becoming less present, Gnomes want more from lesser races, they “took” their magic, so they must pay for it with work]

[apparition of magical hotspot. Some new races are created. They live far from the gnome]

[Lesser race are being more and more opressed, people flee gnome cities, into the wilderness]

[They meet the “new race” and learn from them to harness the power of magic]

[Begining of rebellions, gnomes are more powerfull (wining)]

[Change with the arrival of “divine” magic, gnome create more magical war machine and monsters]

[The final battle, create the Rift, all powerfull heroes are dead, gnomes are no more seen around the country… end of the age]

Dark age

[no more heroes, no more magic]

[great migration of the dragonborn]

[monsters created by the gnomes are roaming and magical hotspot create others]

[raiders appears]

[Times are rough.. for a loooong time]

[First empire, tyranic]

[New heroes, celestial, divine and arcane magic rediscovered, Discovery of Aelfin and magical weapon to liberate the continent, religion based on celestial worshiping]

[Fall of the first empire, start of a new age of peace… the empire cut in parts…]


[years of peace]

[creation of Arkadia]

[Solidification of The Second Empire]

[Creation of an all-races United Kingdom]


History of Rapture

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