Races of Rapture are the “normal” 4E races with the Aelfin and the Azimar (if the Thiefling are there, why not them) as exceptions. This page is to explain how these races interact socially within their own society and within others.

For all races present in the D&D Player Handbook, use the physical characteristics that are written there.

  1. Aelfin
  2. Dragonborn
  3. Dwarf
  4. Eladrin
  5. Elf
  6. Half-Elf
  7. Halfling
  8. Human
  9. Plane Touched
    • Azimar
    • Thiefling

Other monstrous race should not be considerate for player characters, because monsters in Rapture rarely create society civilized enough to fit in a party of adventurers. GMs should read the history of Rapture to understand more about monsters.


Strange merchants living in this big city that is part in the sky, part on the land and part under the sea.

 Average Height: 5'8"-6'4" 
 Average Weight: 130-170 lbl.

Ability Scores: +2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom Size: Medium Speed: 5 squares (on land), 8 squares (underwater) Vision: Low-light
Language: Common, Aelfin Skill Bonuses: +2 Diplomacy, +2 Bluff Aquatic: These elves are considered aquatic creatures and can only breath under water. Out of water, after more than 1 minutes per point of Constitution the Aelfin "drown", refer to the suffocation rules. In water, no atheltic checks are necessary to swim. Extraordinary negotiator: When selling or buying an object for more then 1000 gold pieces, you can add or subtract 5% to the value. At the discretion of the GM, the player could have to make a diplomacy check with an appropriate DC for that racial trait to work. Good liars: A good merchant is someone who's able to, let's say, bend the truth. An Aelfin can always choose Bluff for a trained skill.

Exotics and peculiars, the Aelfins live underwater in great cities of stone. This special species of elf actually can’t stay out of water too long. The Aelfins are great merchants, but when they’re not selling or buying things, they’re reclusive and stay generally in their cities out of other nations business. One of the only city where Alefins and other races live together is Arkadia, or “Where the sea, the earth and the sky are one”.

Physically, an Aelfin look like an elf, tall and slender, but have blue-toned skin, scales, palmed hands and feet and some have dorsal fin(s) that change from family to family. Their eyes are totally black tend to move a lot when talking. Weirdly enough, these characteristics don’t put people uncomfortable ; it generally is quite funny to speak face to face to an Aeflin.

Aelfin rarely put on clothes. They can’t be prude because their sexual organs are inside of them and they can’t be cold because they almost completely live underwater. Aelfin armor are made of special scales and bones of other underwater creature and must be made by Aelfin with magical knowledge. It also exists pieces of equipments to help them live out of water. For more information on Aelfin equipments, see equipments, weapons and armors.

For more information on the politics of the Aelfin nation, see the page about Eskatan’s politics.

The Aelfins are really religious but secretive race and, so, rarely speak about their god to other races. They worship a two-faces god and respect equally its both sides and different ideologies. They’re a lot of clerics and paladins in their society but they usually live in underwater cities and are rarely seen by other races. For more information about the religion of the Aelfins, see Eskatan’s religions.

Play an Aelfin if you want …
  • to be an exotic and strange character.
  • to be an expert negotiator.
  • to be able to breath underwater.
  • to be a member of a race that favors the sorcerer, cleric and paladin classes.


Dragonborn is a proud and noble race.


Be wise, strong and never forget. We remember forever. These are the strengths of the Dwarfs.

Dwarfs are tough and strong humanoids. They’re generally short and large ; dense would be a better word for their physical appearance. Dwarfs are always proud of their beard. A beard is the sign of the individuality of a dwarf and this is why they tend to put a lot of time around the grooming of their own beard. The cutting of a beard is a punishment reserved to dwarfs who’ll become slaves.

Dwarfs tend to live around 100-150 years normally. That’s why a lot of

In Rapture, the “normal” dwarf does know about rocks, mountains and mines, but does not (and does not want to) work inside a mine. It is an ugly job reserved to slaves. The most revered job for a dwarf is to be a keeper of knowledge. Books, stone slabs and papyrus are more important then anything else. If a book must be protected by a dwarf, the reputation of all his family depends on it.

Nobody would underestimates dwarfs nowadays. The dwarf nation produces the most minerals/armors/weapons. Specially, they know how to control the powers of the runes. These attributes could be enough to make them great conquerors and the sole race with political power on the Eskatan continent, but the dwarfs are not natural fighters and, so, they’re not a lot of dwarf soldiers inside (or outside) their mountains. See Eskatan’s politics for more details.

Dwarfs tendencies to protect knowledge is coming from their religion based on the worshiping of the creators of their world. The dwarfs are sure that a race of Titans created the world. They’re not sure how they and other races were created ; some think the Titans created them, others think they evolved from other small critters and even some think that they came from the rocks, evolved with the help of magical hot spot (see Magic). For more information about the religion of the dwarfs, see Eskatan’s religions

Play a Dwarf if you want …
  • to be a tough and wise character.
  • to be a source of knowledge for your party.
  • to be able to be at ease under ground.
  • to be a member of a race that favors the wizard, cleric and warlord classes.


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