Religions and Deities

Religions on Eskatan are different for each region and race. It’s one of the causes of the political tension and the racist tendencies in Rapture. There’s 5 major religions/believes on Eskatan :

  1. Ancestor Cult
  2. Spiritual Naturalism
  3. The Father’s Church
  4. Titans Worshiping
  5. Twin Faces God

It’s really important to understand that if the caracter did never get out of its homeland at the beginning of the campaing, it’s really probable that he’s ignorant of the real believes of other races or regions. It’s could happen that this caracter is racist, close-minded or just simply xenophobe… a player should remembers that this setting and every gaming sessions are for having fun with your friends and racism is never funny. We don’t take kindly to social ignorance in these parts.

A lot of NPCs, though, will probably be stupid biggots. Religion, in Rapture, is not something to be discussed with people form other nations… otherwise, fights (or worse) could happenned.

There’s a lot of people, in Rapture, that do not believe in a more powerful force to respect and worship. Being atheist when they’re clerics performing “miracles” around you does not seems normal, but it is important to understand that they’re not so many clerics who can cast spell in the Rapture setting. Divine spellcasters, like arcane spellcasters, are rares. For more information about this, read the Normal VS Anormal, Magic and the History of Rapture pages.

Ancestor Cult

Spiritual Naturalism

The Father’s Church

Titans Worshipping

Twin Faces God

Religions and Deities

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