Welcome to the fantastic world of Rapture !

Rapture : The Renaissance is a campaign setting for my D&D group. It’s a mean for my friends and I to become at ease with D&D 4th edition. I will try to use this setting for a video game currently in production.

How to resume Rapture ? Think about a mix of Ebberon with A Song of Fire and Ice. I want the gameplay to be adventure and politic oriented. Whenever the players visit an underwater cave for an ancient magic item, it is not only for their single profit; a game of power is ongoing and they’re pieces of the big picture.

For a better understanding of the world of Rapture, go to the wiki page and check the player available informations. If you’re not currently a player in this campaing setting and want to GM one, feel at ease to check the game master sections (with a lot more historical background and touchy information on past and current political powers).

Currently, there’s a lot of blank spot, these will be updated in time (when I have the occasion). For the moment, Rapture focuses on one continent, Eskatan. The sketch of this continent is available and, soon, a complete “player” map will be presented (with cities, faction frontiers and scaling).

Rapture : The Renaissance

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